A veteran Charlotte homicide detective is back in the national spotlight with a second season of a show based on his career. He says he’s worried about what he’s seeing now, as the city deals with an alarming murder rate.

Veteran Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Homicide Detective Garry McFadden remembers every single case he’s worked.

But he doesn’t call them cases - instead remembering names and important details - thanks to an encounter with a victim's mother years ago.

“She said always remember to do that. She said some people forget us. I said 'I can’t ma'am.'”

It’s one of the main reasons he’s starting his second season as the star of a reality show on Investigation Discovery called I am Homicide, where he is recounting some of his biggest cases.

“The story was that a guy jumped out of that tree. And how likely is that? I didn’t believe the story. The truth was there was a guy in a tree.”

McFadden is retired from CMPD now but still consults in charlotte and across the country. And he’s worried.

“The summer is tough, I am worried, a lot of things going on. All these things mix into it.”

He’s more worried than usual because the murder rate in Charlotte is higher than usual. Much higher.

Last weekend, over the memorial day holiday, there were four murders.”

The total so far this year is 36, compared to this time last year when the number was 19. “It’s arguments and disagreements,” he says.

McFadden blames the way people interact these days and social media for the uptick.

“How do you settle your differences? Let’s have a discussion, an argument. But let’s not shoot and fight and kill each other.”

And he says it’s not just the queen city.

“It’s Happening across the country in every city and every state when I talk to other departments theyre facing the same thing.”

McFadden says the answer: Get a community conversation going, get religious leaders involved, and get people talking. The second season of his show debuts June 6th.