CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A highway patrol trooper was caught on camera speeding past dozens of bikers without his emergency blue lights flashing.

The incident happened on New Year’s Day, but we’ve learned North Carolina State Highway Patrol has launched an investigation into the matter.

“You’re always scanning your mirrors and checking your surroundings,” said Seba Medford, a motorcyclist.

Seba Medford is well-aware of the risks while riding. However, on New Year’s Day it was a fly by from a North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper that caught him by surprise.

“In the video his lights weren’t on,” asked NBC Charlotte’s Xavier Walton.

“No lights and no sirens,” said Medford. “Before I could look to even see what was going on he shot right past me.”

In the video caught on Seba’s helmet cam you can see the trooper zoom past Seba and about two dozen other bikers on the shoulder of the highway without his blue lights flashing.

“We have enough we have to worry about and we shouldn’t have to worry about somehow who is supposed to be protecting us being negligent,” said Medford.

NBC Charlotte called highway patrol. The department has received the video and is now investigating what happened and whether the trooper followed proper protocol.

“Some lights would have worked,” said Medford. “If his intentions were to get our attention than that would be the best way to do it.”

When asked why the trooper did it, Seba was told from another biker the trooper sped past to tell the leader of the group to slow down.

"I definitely give him a thumbs up for that I just think it could have been handled differently just from a safety aspect," said Medford.