CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With just two days to go, the get out the early vote effort is intensifying.

"I work on Tuesdays and it is hard for me to get off,' said Ruth Hodges.

However, Hodges was off Thursday so she headed to the University City polling site and was prepared to wait for as long as it takes.

"I've heard several people say I don't have time to stand in line all day, I'm like 'you have an opportunity to vote so this should be a priority,'" she said.

Long lines over the last two weeks of early voting did put some voters off.

"I was passing through and we saw the line was way down there, so it's shorter today," said Harold Turner III.

I waited in line too to see how long it would take. It didn't look too bad from the parking lot, but the line loops around the building. Thank goodness, I had enough battery life, to talk text and tweet.

"You are talking to other people in line and you're getting other people's opinion and if you're undecided, it's a good time to really solidify what you're going to do," said Rachel Martin.

Mecklenburg County has 22 sites open for early voting.

"212,000 already as of Wednesday night," said Michael Dickerson, Director of the Board of Elections. "Those are good numbers putting us on target to surpass four years ago and clearly beat what we did eight years ago in early voting"

And that is in spite of the long waits, it took me one hour and four minutes. Many in the line told me it was worth the wait.

"I think a lot of people want to come out and cast their vote early and make a statement," said Turner, who cast his ballot at a machine near his adult son.

Early voting ends Saturday at 1 p.m. If voting trends continue, early voting and absentee ballots will add up to most of Mecklenburg county's voting base. That would still leave more than 100,000 hitting the polls on Election Day.