CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is searching for a male suspect who showed his genitalia to a 17 year old girl and then tried to kidnap her.

This happened at a local Walmart, highlighting the growing number of crimes happening at the big box store.

"I mean, that's crazy," said Nate Crenshaw, a Walmart shopper. "I have a daughter so that makes me worry a little bit."

The police report says a man exposed his genitals, grabbed her and attempted to move her to his car.

"That's kind of crazy," said Barbara West, a Walmart shopper.

Police are still zeroing in on a suspect. Meanwhile, this has become a troubling trend for the Wilkinson Walmart location.

NBC Charlotte did a little digging, and discovered since March 1st, there have been more than 60 crimes reported at that location. That includes anything from petty larceny to sex crimes.

An NBC Charlotte investigation last Fall revealed shocking statistics when it comes to Walmart stores in the "Queen City." Local Walmarts make up five of the top 15 calls for service for CMPD.

"A lot of times, you're talking about high-volume stores. Your big-box stores, and especially the 24 hour variety have a huge influx of customers today that other businesses don't," said Captain Nathan King of the CMPD.

As for the Walmart on Wilkinson Boulevard, it's number six on the list of top places CMPD officers respond to with more than 800 hours of service calls in a single year.

"I think they really have to beef up with their security," said Marilou Shukla, a Walmart shopper.