LAKE LURE, N.C. -- Even if you can't see it, more than likely you smell it, as eight major fires in western North Carolina are threatening homes and hindering the air quality.

The Party Rock Fire continues to grow in the Lake Lure area, up to 3,700 acres and only about 15-percent of the fire is contained. The Monday night sky was lit with an orange glow as the flames burned through acre after acre of terrain. Drought conditions throughout the state only made things more difficult for firefighters.

Roads leading to Lake Lure were blocked Monday and evacuation orders remained in effect, forcing 1,000 people from their homes. Multiple fire departments from across the area continue to work around the clock. They're getting some relief as crews from across the state so they can get the job done.

"We have lots of water in there so they way they hydrate," said Cody Russell, with Boy Scout Troop 605.

A truck full of supplies is headed to the firefighters on the front lines, donated by Boy Scout Troop 605, local churches and the community.

"We bought hand sanitizer, moleskin, basic stuff eye drops so the firefighters can stay out there and help put out that fire and be out there as long as possible," said Scout Joshua Murphy

Murphy's mother, Erin Helton said, "the community has just had a great outpour in support so we are doing our part."

She says it is important for the community to come together.

"We're family, the community is family and there's a great need there's always a great need of one type or another and right now this is it," she said.

But where there is fire there is smoke. A haze hanging over our region has brought the air quality to a dangerous code red by the EPA.

Joshua Murphy says it is so bad, many of his classmates didn't show up to school.

"Hoping that they're safe," he said.