CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 25-year-old man was killed after being thrown from his car during a crash, however, a witness believes the accident and man weren't discovered until hours later.

It was not what Josephina Iberra was expecting when she came to work early Tuesday morning; a body lying in the driveway of the dentist office Iberra works in.

"I pulled into my job and there was a body lying right in front of me," said Josephine Iberra, who works in a nearby dentist office.

Iberra got out of the car thinking it was a joke and yelled at the person, 'Are you okay? Are you alright?' When the person didn't respond she flagged someone down on Park Road to call 911.

Iberra says the man may have been lying there for hours. She described the man as "dead when she pulled up" and "cold to the touch."

Once emergency services arrived, University of South Carolina grad Kyle Lord was identified as the victim of the crash.

Lord was reportedly driving his mother's car when it appears the left the road, clipping a sign and flipping over. The force of the accident ejected Lord from the vehicle. He was the only passenger in the vehicle.

At this time, CMPD does not know the exact cause of the crash.

The incident occurred on the block of 10400 Park Road near Carolinas Medical Center Pineville.

Park Road was shut down for an extended amount of time Tuesday morning following the discovery of the accident.

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