YORK COUNTY, S.C. - Wednesday, York County law enforcement are going through intense training, learning what they need to do in the event of an active shooter at a school.

This year was the first time local and county emergency agencies joined in making the scenario feel like the real deal.

“If we ignore that reality, we’re not doing a service to anybody,” said York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson.

“Columbine being the first big event like this, they weren’t prepared because law enforcement didn’t think like that. Well, it’s no longer unthinkable."

Nearly 200 people, including deputies, police and emergency management officials, participated in the training.

FBI records show there have been 50 mass murders or attempted mass murders at a school since Columbine, at least 141 people have died.

In York County there have been zero school shootings, and law enforcement wants to keep it that way.

“I would consider this day a success, and it won’t be the last time we train for something like this,” said Sheriff Tolson.

Sheriff Tolson says they’ll be back again next year training at either a school, business or church.