YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- People who live in York County will soon have to decide if they want to keep buying beer and wine on Sundays.

If passed through county council, the alcohol sales referendum will be placed back on the ballot next year.

County leaders tell NBC Charlotte, the vote is coming after what they are calling a "glitch" in legislation.

Five years ago, when York County decided to sell alcohol on Sundays, certain parts of the ordinance was not included. The county catching the mistake, now residents have to vote again on seven-day alcohol sales.

"We were unaware of that piece of legislation," said Geri Rucker with the York County Chamber of Commerce.
"The legislation required certain components to be passed as part of the referendum covering restaurants and stores and both. So we did not have that component in the York County referendum."

The issue at hand now is that the current ordinance will become invalid unless voters decided to keep it on the books.

"The gist of it is you had to get all parts approved unless you had a license to 1993 so anything after 1993 required all three parts be approved and we did not have that," said Rucker.

It's a vote the owner of Wing Bonz, Rock Hill's famous chicken restaurant hope passes.

"Before Sunday alcohol sales Rock hill restaurants were losing a lot of business," said Scott Howell.

Howell’s main concern, losing customers to Charlotte especially after the city's recent decision to sell alcohol starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

"What if we have a group of five and two of them wanted a beer. I'll lose them to South Charlotte where they can enjoy that on Sundays. So it may not affect me as much as others, but it will still affect me."

If county council approves the ordinance, voters will see the Sunday alcohol sales Nov. 2018.