YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- Less than a week away from Thanksgiving, the York Police Department is doing its part to give people a reason to be thankful.

It was a holiday surprise that had motorists nervously expecting a speeding ticket. Holidays or not, 13 miles per hour over the speed limit will usually get you pulled over.

Portia Macon thinks she’s about to get a ticket.

Officer Dale Edwards knows better.

While she was waiting for Officer Edwards to come back, Macon was thinking about the potential money a ticket would cost.

“Not only just a warning, but you get a turkey on top of that?” Macon said. “It’s like awesome. That’s 20 dollars you can keep in your pocket for Thanksgiving.”

On another traffic stop, Officer Edwards pulled over someone he knows, or rather, someone who knows him.

“If you give me a ticket, I’m going to tell your momma on you!,” Judy Ham said.

“Oh lord, don’t tell me you know my momma!” Officer Edwards said.

Fortunately for Edwards, and for Judy Ham, he’s handing out turkeys not tickets.

“I gotta call your momma in a little while, and tell her what a good fella you are!” Ham said.

That’s the idea. Police here are stepping outside the box of law enforcement. “We are human,” Edwards said.

“We’re out here trying to do a job, but on the same token we like to see the good things. We like to get out and have a little fun.”