(KHQ) -- Our pets mean everything to us and if you've had one go missing, you know it can be devastating and it's hard to give up hope as time passes.

That's exactly the reality Gracie Kingsley lived for the past five months, but it seems like her cat, Catniss, may have gotten tired of the "Hunger Games."

That's because Catniss never misses a meal even though she loves playing outside. But one night, right before Mother's Day, Catniss didn't return to her Couer d'Alene, Idaho home.

"That was heartbreaking. You're so used to having your cat around and all of a sudden she's gone. And you don't know what to think," Gracie says.

Gracie feared the worst. She rescued Catniss three years ago and they've been inseparable. That's why she plastered the city with missing posters, desperate for any information.

But five months passed, and Gracie's birthday in October approached, and there was still no sign of Catniss. She almost gave up hope.

"The other day I was debating taking it down because it's been so long," she says.

Then, the best gift appeared.

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