Someone's in some holy hot water.

Wayne County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man who broke into a home, stole a golf cart, claimed to be Jesus and asked to have sex with officers Tuesday night.

According to Wayne County Sheriff Capt. Doug Hunter, a 20-year-old man walked into a home and discharged a fire extinguisher before laying down at the foot of a couple's bed.

The homeowner and intruder prayed together before the intruder left the home and proceeded to a local business, where he stole a golf cart.

Deputies pulled the man and golf cart over, and the man identified himself as Jesus.

The man claiming to be Jesus inquired about having sex with the deputies, who "just were not interested in having that type of relationship with the man," Hunter said.

The man claiming to be Jesus was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation.

Hunter says the man, who has not been identified, faces a handful of charges for entering the home, stealing the golf cart and rummaging through a vehicle.

Hunter also warns people to lock their car and home doors to prevent incidents like this.