PEARLAND, Texas - A wrecker driver’s reckless detour is sparking outrage for a Texan paraplegic.

Brian Montgomery called to get his car towed to the mechanic shop after the custom built Nissan GTR’s transmission warning light came on.

“I just let them take it on the tow truck,” said Montgomery. “And wherever they took it, I assumed it was going to the dealership.”

But the wrecker driver made an unscheduled stop in a southeast Houston neighborhood.

Montgomery’s dashboard camera recorded video that shows the wrecker driver unloading the car and then climbing behind the wheel.

The video captures him speeding through the neighborhood and calling a friend to brag about his fast new ride.

Montgomery had no idea until he picked up his car a few days later; that’s when he noticed his sunglasses were missing and played the dashboard camera video.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was watching. I was like these people are just going out having a free rein tear somebody’s car up session.”

Detectives from the Pearland Police Department are investigating. A spokesman says the case will be referred to the district attorney’s office for possible charges.

Someone who answered the phone at the tow truck company refused to comment.

But to Montgomery, the actions captured on video say more than enough.

“What they did was no different from stealing a car and then giving it back and saying sorry.” he said.