PHOENIX - Popping the question is scary enough, but one boyfriend decided to add zombies and a haunted house to his surprise proposal.

Bryanna Nye came to The 13th Floor Haunted House expecting a scary good time with her boyfriend, Maurilio. However, he had bigger plans than just a night of fright.

When the couple was the first through the door Friday night, Maurilio had an engagement ring in his pocket.

As they made their way through the haunted house, past the most frightening, disgusting and disturbing sights the actors could come up with.

How romantic.

Maurilio's proposal plan was for zombies to come piling out of a crypt and drag the couple onto a stage, where he would propose.

But the plan unfolded very differently.

It turned out Bryanna, while a fan of all things spooky, is not a fan of being scared. So when the zombies came out, she tried to run away ... and fell off the stage.

She wasn't injured, but Bryanna was crying and saying she wanted to go home.

Instead of leaving, Maurilio chose that moment to ask her to marry him.

Bryanna said yes and the two, despite falling off the stage and making a life-changing decision, decided to finish the haunted house anyway.

"It was definitely unique," Bryanna said.