There is a cat roaming the mountains of Colorado, but it’s not a mountain lion or a bobcat – it’s a ‘meowtaineering’ cat named Quandary Q Lotus Lady. The adventure cat has received quite the following on Instagram, where her owners Erin and Graham Shuee, document their hiking adventures with their feline friend.

Quandary, who goes by Q, can be seen on a leash and sometimes being carried by her owners in the mountains of Colorado. The cat was also used when Graham proposed to Erin.

According to a picture of the engagement posted on the ‘exploration_cat’ Instagram page, Quandary was a proposal kitten. The post says “after a day of hiking around quandary peak, a basket appeared in the trail we were hiking. Out came a 5-week-old kitten and a ring. The obvious answer was YES.”

Erin says Graham pulled off the whole scheme with some help from his friends. She says, "He admitted that he had no idea what we would do with another cat, but couldn't imagine proposing to his crazy cat lady any other way. Q has fit quite nicely into our home. Our other two cats, Zoe and Nimbus accepted her into their palace with open paws... after about a week."The whole idea of bringing Q on hikes actually came from Erin."It was her idea in our minds, ever since the proposal she's been tagging along on most our adventures. She's almost like a dog in that respect, she's very vocal and makes it known when she is restless and when she wants to get out and explore."

Erin hopes their adventures with Q help other people realize that just because they have a cat, it doesn't mean they can't take it outdoors and do things like hiking. Quandary was adopted from a rescue in Colorado Springs, Erin wants Quandary's adventures to inspire others to adopt shelter cats.