MINNEAPOLIS - Imagine driving down an interstate highway and you notice your child choking, that’s what happened to a mother from Crystal.

“I was driving on 394 and I had heard her choking on her vomit,” explained Kristin Lonsbury.

It was the afternoon of September 14th and Kristin was bringing her 6-week-old daughter Elise to the hospital because she wasn’t acting right, according to Kristin.

“I then heard silence so I was like I need to pull over,” explained Kristin. And that’s what she did on the only grassy patch of curbside between Highway 100 and Penn Avenue.

“She was going in and out of consciousness. I went over my passenger seat and pulled her out and her little arms just dropped to her sides and she was not there,” Kristin explained.

Kristin called 911.

“I couldn’t do what they were asking me to do. I couldn’t grasp the concept ‘oh I have to start CPR’ I couldn’t get there mentally,” Kristin explained.

Kristin said she was hysterical.

“I was on the side of the road in the weeds, shaking her, yelling at her to wake up,” Kristin explained. But help was about to arrive.

“I turned around and Virginia was there in her scrubs,” Kristin explained.

Virginia Marsh, a nurse, was on her way to work.

“I turned her over and started doing the back blows and pretty soon into that she opened her eyes and took breaths and was kind of in and out of that place," explained Marsh.

Minnesota State Patrol Lieutenant Paul Stricker also stopped to help.

“The eye fluctuations stopped, her arms dropped, everything went lifeless. I told VA to keep going… As long as we can keep blood moving, we will be ok until the ambulance gets here,” said Stricker.

Elise spent several days in the hospital.

“You whispered to me and said “it wasn’t her time yet!’ and that’s the part… And it wasn’t. It wasn’t her time and... she has so much to do here, so thank you,” Kristin explained.

Elise is now 14-weeks-old and is happy and healthy. And although she will not remember those terrifying moments, her new middle name will remind her of the hero who saved her life.

“We have changed her middle name to Virginia to keep a piece of you with her,” said Kristin.