WEST JORDAN, Utah -- Authorities are trying to figure out how a 3-year-old boy was left alone in a corn maze overnight and wasn’t reported missing for 12 hours.

Police say someone spotted the boy late Monday night and brought the situation to the attention of maze staff.

Once they found the child, they tried to find his parents, but nobody came forward.

The corn maze owner says the boy was scared and crying. He also couldn’t tell them much except his age, the name of his brother and his cat.

The owners took the boy to a police station where officers contacted child and family services.

It wasn’t until the next morning when a woman called police at 7:45 a.m. to say she couldn’t find her little boy and feared he was still in the corn maze.

Investigators went to the house and said several families live there together with multiple children.

It’s unclear if charges are warranted as investigators work to determine what exactly happened.