(WDSU) -- A Houma, Louisiana mother had the shock of her life when her 5-year-old son did not get off the school bus Monday.

"I got an empty pit in my stomach because at that moment I didn't know where my child was. I was scared," mother Kathleen Hotard said.

Police found him on the side of the road about a quarter-mile away from Legion Park School.

"At the corner of this fence is where they found my child," Hotard said. "He had walked through the four-way intersection up there, passed that to here. There's a bayou on this side and a bayou on that side and straight-on incoming traffic there."

She said her son told a substitute teacher he had a note saying he could walk home. She later found out he did not want to ride the bus because kids had been blowing spitballs at him.

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