Two children and their parents are OK after a semi tipped onto their Volvo on I-70 near Georgetown last week.

The family was on their way to Breckenridge to see relatives when the truck toppled onto the car with the whole family inside.

"The roof is right on top of her car seat," Lauren said while scrolling through photos of the crash.

That car seat was where her 1-year-old daughter Echo was sleeping. Her 3-year-old sister Estelle was next to her as the truck crushed the driver's side at a 45-degree angle.

"We just went to the side of the road and held each other," Wayne Harvey recalled.

The Harveys say their car was dragged for around 350 feet and the roof finally stopped caving in before hurting Echo.

Wayne was the only one injured with a concussion. They all managed to get out through the passenger's side.

"Every person on the scene said had they just seen the car without seeing us first, they would have assumed 100 percent Wayne and Echo would be dead," Lauren said.

"My mom is a truck driver. My brother has a CDL. I know it's a dangerous job," Wayne said, adding if there are high winds, truck drivers need to take precautions.

"If we hadn't been in a sturdy Volvo and our car seat properly installed, it would have been a different outcome," Lauren said.

Colorado State Patrol couldn't confirm if wind tipped the truck over, but did say the crash was reported at 10:50 a.m.

Two minutes later, CDOT says there was high-wind restriction, stopping certain vehicles like semis from going down that stretch of I-70.

CDOT couldn't link the two incidents right away, but said the restriction was likely imposed because of the crash.