ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) -- Police in Indiana are investigating a case of dog mutilation, but the dog's owners say there is something bigger going on here.

Chase Gale's 12-year-old chocolate lab, Charlie, was taken from his backyard in Anderson. He was later returned, but he had been severely mutilated.

Gale found the dog in a puddle of blood. The injuries were so severe the vet recommended euthanasia.

Gale said a necropsy determined someone used hedge clippers to cut off three of the dog's feet off.

Two other dogs were apparently mutilated in the area. Another dog's body was found along railroad tracks a couple of blocks from where Charlie was taken. This dog was missing its head and its front legs had also been severed.

"I'm very concerned about this dog slaughtering going on," said neighbor J. Gegenheimer, a retired police K-9 handler "Who does something like this? An idiot. Sick person."

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