Living with the pain is clearly a lot to bear for Anthony Davis and Latoshia Harris.

"We just want parents to know that you gotta be in your children's life because this is reality now. We got to bury our baby," Davis said.

On Wednesday, 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis died. Her parents say she hung herself after she was bullied online and at school. They say she got into a fight that was recorded on video and posted on an app called "".

"And, my daughter just couldn't face another Friday," Davis said.

The fifth grade student attended Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora. They believe the school should've done more.

"My daughter just came in and hung herself. I didn't get to communicate with the other parent," Harris said.

Now, they're trying to make a change. Harris created a GoFundMe page with the name "Ashawnty's Way Out No Bullying! They need help with expenses and to start a foundation to fight bullying.

"It takes a village to raise children and our community, you know our schools have failed. They're not listening. They don't do anything about it," Harris said.

The Cherry Creek School District says it takes bullying very seriously. It has worked with a curriculum called Bully-Proofing Your School over the last 15 years. On Thursday, the district offered their sympathies to the family and provided mental health professionals at Sunrise Elementary to help students deal with Ashawnty's death.

Davis wants to go further through a new effort in her name.

"It just really has to stop," Davis said. "Until, I take my last breath, I don't want this on my clock to happen to anybody's kids."