(WLWT) -- A Cincinnati restaurant is now stocking Narcan behind its counter, hoping not to have to use it again.

Isadore's Pizzeria workers saved two people who overdosed on heroin Monday morning in the shop's parking lotbefore calling 911.

Workers said that the restaurant was just about to open for the day when the two individuals were spotted passed out in a car.

"Her lips are purple, there ain't no telling how long they've been sitting here. Their hands, their fingernails are purple," one said.

"We had Narcan on site. We had the nasal Narcan, which I think has 2 milligrams in each vial, and we gave them a squirt in each nose," said employee Desiree Patterson.

The Narcan was provided to the pizza shop by a nurse who stopped in to the restaurant after workers told her how bad the heroin problem is in the neighborhood.

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