MCKINNEY -- 1,341 days. That's how long Tracy Marie Murray, 9, has waited to be adopted.

On Monday, that dream finally came true.

On their 13th wedding anniversary, Michael and Marie Murray gave Tracy a forever home. Their family and friends surrounded the couple and Tracy in a Collin County courtroom, where the Murrays officially became Tracy's adoptive parents.

The Murrays could not have children of their own, and wanted to adopt. When they saw video of Tracy on WFAA's Wednesday's Child, they knew they had to meet her. She was featured on Wednesday's Child twice.

Tracy has been living with the Murrays for several months now, and they say giving her a loving home and becoming Tracy's parents is the best thing that ever happened to them.

"We just wanted her so bad and we're so happy that we found her. I just think she was always the little girl out here waiting for us to be part of our family," said Marie Murray.

"Really excited," said Tracy. "I've been waiting for a long time."

The Murrays say adoption is both challenging and rewarding, and encourage anyone who can do it to consider it.

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