CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you haven't noticed, political ads have taken over our airwaves.

"I wish it was just one ad, but it's like six or seven or one right after the other," said voter Rachel Martin.

Candidates from the top of the ticket on down are spending big bucks to get your vote.

"Any candidate who can afford to get on television right now is running political ads," said UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig.

$35 million dollars worth, according to the Center for Public Integrity. And that's just North Carolina state races.

"There's so many ads in so many directions, it just becomes overkill and voters will tune it out or the ads will cancel each other out," said Heberlig.

Harold Turner II is among those who tries to tune out of the noise.

"I take the remote and change the channel," he said.

Ad Age tracks ad spending and says there was a 327 percent increase in political ads in Charlotte on August 2016, versus August 2012.

"Prior to 2008, North Carolinians probably wish the candidates that were going to other states, why don't we get any attention," said Heberlig.

Those days are over. North Carolina for now and the foreseeable future can be red or blue. So no stop political ads during an election cycle may be something we will have to get used to.

"I will be happy after Tuesday," Martin declared.

Heberlig says most voters stick with their party, so ads target the eight-to 10-percent that are persuadable. This can mean a lot of money for a small group.

However in tight races, these votes could be the difference between a candidate delivering a victory or concession speech.