RALEIGH, N.C. - Have brunch plans on Sunday? You may be able to get an earlier start on those bottomless mimosas. The "Brunch Bill" now waits Gov. Roy Cooper's signature. It will go into effect immediately after he signs it, which he is expected to do.

"10 A.M. is mimosa time fore me," said Jasmine Walker of Charlotte.

The days of no alcohol sales before noon on a Sunday could be numbered. North Carolina would join 47 other states, who serve up adult beverages as early as 10 am to whoever's buying.

"I think if you're an adult you should be able to select when you drink," said Walker. "So if I go to a restaurant on Sunday and I want to have a mimosa at 10 A.M. I want to have my mimosa at 10 A.M," she declared.

Local municipalities still have to agree to the earlier hours. Charlotte officials have announced their support of the bill. The state's restaurant industry is also backing the "brunch bill." It would allow diners to get an earlier start on drinking, which some who work in that industry say could be good for their pockets.

"I'm a waitress on Sundays so that would definitely get the bills higher, make my tip higher on a Sunday morning," said waitress, Sarah Canora.

However some concerned that an extra two hours to drink, could be too much.

"When you serve alcohol in the morning, you're going to get issues no matter what if people just abuse it," said Hanna Steiger of Charlotte.

The bill also means you can buy alcohol before noon on Sundays at grocery and liquor stores as well.