HARRISBURG, N.C. -- Cabarrus County Republican State Representative Larry Pittman has brought the national media spotlight back to North Carolina.

This comes after Pittman compared Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler in a post on his Facebook page.

That post has since been taken down but it was a defense of a bill he was sponsoring that would nullify the Supreme Court ruling that would allow same-sex marriage in North Carolina.

Referring at one point to Hitler, Pittman wrote, "Lincoln was the same sort it (sic) tyrant and personally responsible for the deaths of 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional."

When asked by NBC Charlotte for an interview, Pittman responded with an email saying, "I don't do interviews except with people I know and trust. I have had videos edited before to make it look like I said something I didn't."

NBC Charlotte's Rad Berky spoke with a number of Cabarrus County residents, all of whom disapproved of the posting.

"It's sad how he makes that comparison," said Sara Kapir.

Beverly Roberts, another Cabarrus resident said, "It's embarrassing. That's sad, very sad."

Pittman has been part of the General Assembly since October 2011.

He was the center of attention again recently when he supported a measure that would allow concealed weapons to be carried without a permit.

He also called for public hangings for abortion doctors.

Cabarrus resident Kyra Schneider said

"It's in line for Pittman, I think," says Kyra Schneider, Cabarrus resident. "His viewpoints tend to be on the fringe, I think."

Republican House Speaker Tim Moore said earlier in the week that Pittman's bill to end same-sex marriages would not be heard, has so far not commented on the Lincoln-Hitler comparison.