CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper Wednesday unveiled his budget proposal for next year, and it reflects a 5% hike over the current budget.

In announcing the details, Cooper said, “We have a growing economy that I think can be dynamic here.”

The Governor’s budget would include pay raises for state employees of 2% or $800, whichever is greater, and would also extend raises to teachers.

Cooper says his proposals can be achieved, “Without raising taxes, without raising fees, without cutting services, and without dipping into special funds.”

That drew a comment from the Republican leader of the Senate, Phil Berger, who said in a statement, “His reckless $1 billion dollar spending spree would surely return us to the days of high taxes and multi-million dollar deficits.”

Cooper countered saying the goals of bettering education and putting more money in people’s pockets should be bipartisan goals.

“I am ready to work with legislative leaders and members of the legislature to accomplish them.

Cooper will have his work cut out for him. The Senate and the House are both in control of the Republicans who will draft their own budget proposal in the coming weeks.