BELMONT, N.C. (WCNC) - People throughout the country have expressed anxiety as concerns of voter rigging and cases of voter fraud are popping up throughout the country.

While most voters in the Charlotte area haven't had issues at the polls, Susan Mayes, a Belmont resident, is sharing her voting experience this year so others can learn from it.

Mayes said she never had issues in her 28 years of voting until Friday when she received a ballot with incorrect information.

"I thought there was some mistake," Mayes said. "I thought they pulled up the wrong record."

The first and last name on her ballot were correct, but the middle name and address listed on it belonged to another "Susan Mayes" who also lives in Gaston County.

"I said, 'I really want my vote to count," Mayes recalled telling polling workers.

Mayes said the problem was resolved after she showed polling workers her voter registration card.

"I think that really helped in enabling me to vote," she said.

She encourages everyone who's voting to double-check their ballots before they use it and, if they have it, bring forms of identification in case there are any issues.

NBC Charlotte spoke to Adam Ragan, the director of Gaston County's Board of Elections, who said clerical mistakes do happen though Mayes' case is the first such case he's heard about in this year's election.

He encouraged everyone to check their voter information online through this link.