CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The count of provisional ballots in Mecklenburg County that was scheduled to be completed Friday has been recessed until Monday at the earliest.

The three members of the Board, two Republicans and one Democrat, began the day trying to resolve some 3,800 provisional ballots.

Provisional ballots are cast when there are questions about a voter’s qualifications.

Michael Dickerson, the Mecklenburg Elections Director said, “Our board goes through and checks our research to see if they can say, ‘yes, we can count it or, no, we can’t.’”

To complete that research, the Board is waiting for information from the Department of Motor Vehicles because a number of people have claimed they registered at a DMV office only to find later that their names did not show up at their polling place.

The DMV has said it provided all the information to the state, but it has apparently not reached all the boards in the state.

Said Dickerson, “We can’t complete our provisional research because we don’t have all our tools from the state yet.”

Two protests were filed against votes cast in the county. Two involved alleged felons who were allegedly allowed to vote.

Mary Potter Summa is the Board Chair and said, “We had two separate protests. In both cases, we did not find probable cause that there were irregularities in any of the precinct results.

The Board will meet again next Monday at 5 p.m. and hopes to have the information from DMV to complete their examination of the provisional totals.

If the information is still not in, Dickerson says it will be after Thanksgiving until the Board can meet again.