CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- All political eyes were on North Carolina, which is an all-important swing state. Experts say North Carolina could be the deciding factor in the next President of the United States.

"I love me some North Carolina," shouted President Barack Obama at a rally in Chapel Hill.

For the last month representatives from both sides of the ticket have been campaigning in the Tar Heel state non-stop.

President Obama was in Chapel Hill to help Hillary win an all-important swing state.

"Its that ground work that led us to win North Carolina in 2008 and you are the reason why we will win in 2016," said Obama.

The race for the White House is in the home stretch. Ivanka Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump's daughter was in Charlotte Wednesday.

"We are all incredibly grateful for the great work you are doing," said Ivanka.

It was a quick stop for Ivanka who thanked supporters at a small, crowded GOP campaign headquarters.

Thursday her dad Donald is expected to campaign in Concord.

With five day to go, the most recent NBC electoral map theoretically shows Clinton holding a lead with 274 to Trump's 180 electoral votes.

A well-known presidential tracking poll is showing Trump and Clinton deadlocked at 44 percent, a piece.

The President who is expected to return to North Carolina Friday had this to say about U.S. Senator Richard Burr's comments regarding gun owners targeting Hillary.

"Last week he joked about violence against Hillary," said Obama. "That's not something we do that's not something if I heard a democrat saying that I'd condemn them in a second."