SALISBURY, N.C. -- GOP vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence made a stop in Salisbury Monday afternoon where he promised that he and Donald Trump will have a new contract with the American people.

Pence did not address if Trump would accept the election results and did not talk about rigged elections or fixed poll numbers.

Instead, he outlined Trump's plan to grow the economy, improve immigration and strengthen the military.

"We will provide our soldiers, sailors and Marines with the resources they need to accomplish their mission and we will hunt down ISIS at its source," said Pence.

There is a growing concern among some republicans that the Trump ticket would hurt down-ballot candidates.

Pence did not address that, but instead, invoked the name of one of the Republican Party's most popular Presidents to bolster his case.

"We are tired, as Ronald Reagan said that some little intellectuals in a far, distant capitol can plan our lives better for us than we can plan for ourselves."

Pence said he and Trump wanted to restore American values.

"It's a contract with the American voter and we are going to sign it November the eighth," Pence said.

Donald Trump himself will be back in North Carolina later this week. It is a state political experts say he must win if he is going to win the White House.