CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence spoke in Charlotte Monday to prove that he and Donald Trump are in the race together.

Many voters believed that for a while, it appeared that the number 1 and number 2 candidates on the GOP ticket weren't on the same page.

Trump publicly disagreed with his running mate at Sunday night's debate on foreign policy issues, saying the two hadn't spoken. However, Pence told about 200 supporters at Central Stage in NoDa that he and Trump are standing shoulder to shoulder .

"I got to tell you i was awful proud of my running mate last night," Pence said.

Making a case for the Trump/Pence ticket, the Governor spoke about why his running mate is ready to lead. "I truly believe you saw it last night on that debate stage he [Trump] literally embodies the spirit of America, strong, freedom loving, independent, optimistic and willing to fight every day for what he believes in and what makes this nation great," he said.

Voters responded positively to the remarks said by both Trump and Pence Sunday and Monday.

"I'm an unaffiliated voter, so I like the message they say, it's very positive, its good on economy, its good on unity," said Rich Buster.

"He did an excellent job, he'll make an excellent vice president and I'm very proud to be here," said supporter Mary Jean. "He has the same values that we have, he's a Christian and he's a believer and he's a conservative," she said.

Pence did address the tape released Friday where Trump can be heard making vulgar comments about women and sexual assault.

"It takes a big man to know when he's wrong and to admit it and have the humility to apologize," Pence said. "And Donald Trump showed last night that he is a big man," he declared.

Trump's apology seemed sufficient for most supporters.

"There's much bigger things, Clinton corruption is sickening," said Buster.

"He apologized for what he's done in the past, okay," Mary Jean asserted.

Some referenced allegations against former President Bill Clinton.

"Are we talking about what somebody said or what somebody did," said Pete, a Trump/Pence supporter. "She protected him [Bill] and she defended him," he declared.

Pence took a few questions from the crowd and promised big changes in the VA operations and bridging the racial divide.

"It's a choice between up and down and the American people I know if we do our work we'll choose freedom, they will choose strength and they will make Donald trump the next president of the United States of America," he declared.

The campaign has lost support from a number of prominent Republicans and Trump appears to be trailing Clinton in national polls. Pence encouraged voters to take advantage of early voting which begins in North Carolina on October 20.