Raleigh, NC -- GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump is once again saying the election is rigged and Hillary Clinton is being protected by the system.

Speaking before more than 5,000 people at the arena at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, Trump reversed course again in regards to the FBI.

Eight days ago, Director James Comey rocked the election by sending a letter to Congress in which he said a new batch of emails had been discovered that were possibly related to the earlier investigation of Hillary Clinton.

At the time, Trump praised the FBI and said maybe the system "wasn't as rigged as I thought."

Now, after Comey came out over the weekend and said the new emails didn't amount to anything, Trump said of Clinton, "She is being protected by a totally rigged system folks."

Trump seemed to scoff at the idea that the FBI could have reviewed all of the newly discovered emails.

"The FBI Director, who was under tremendous pressure, said they went through 650,000 emails in eight days... Yea, right."

Trump urged everyone to get out an vote if they have not already done so.

"In one day we are going to win the great state of North Carolina," he said.

I asked on Trump supporter, Craig Stewart, what would happen if Trump did not win.

Said Stewart, "I think we will be disappointed in the results. We'll just have to keep trying to make America great again."

In his speech, Trump himself said if he loses, all of this will have amounted to, "The single greatest waste of time, energy and money."

Political experts agree that North Carolina is vital to Trump and if he does not win here, it will be over.