BELMONT, N.C. – Neighbors who live not far from the Allen Steam Station power plant in Belmont are skeptical of a Trump Administration plan to dismantle regulations designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired plants.

Neighbors living off South Point Road have been forced to use bottled water for over 900 days now after contamination got into their well water.

Duke Energy denies the contamination comes directly from the plant but has been supplying the bottled water and is now paying to connect homes with well water to the city water supply.

The Trump Administration is now moving to ease restrictions on coal-fired plants and that does not sit well with one of those neighbors, Cynthia London.

“I’ve got mixed emotions about that. What I’d like is more testing before they go doing that,” London said.

Duke Energy says the Obama-era Clean Power Plan that will be repealed raised significant legal questions.

In a statement, the company said, “We appreciate the EPA taking these challenges into account as the agency begins the public process of considering a replacement rule.”

Catawba Riverkeeper Sam Perkins said, “This will be a big setback.”

Perkins said Donald Trump’s campaign promise to bring back the coal industry by lifting government regulations is not the way to go.

“These coal-fired power plants are not going to come back. We need cleaner technology, not just for the carbon issue but for other issues like water consumption and waste issues," Perkins said.

There will now be a period for public comment as the EPA begins the process of formulating new regulations.