CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Mayor Jennifer Roberts is standing by her opposition to the repeal measure that means the end of House Bill 2, even thought that opposition puts her at odds with fellow Democrat Roy Cooper.

The question now is what this will mean to the Mayor’s political future.

The Mayor defended her position saying today, “We are a welcoming, inclusive community, and those are the values we will continue to uphold.”

Mayor Roberts has been a strong proponent of Charlotte’s anti-discrimination ordinance that was later nullified by HB2.

She calls the repeal compromise that was passed Thursday and signed by Governor Cooper a “false repeal.”

Roberts is running for re-election and her stand is certain to be an issue.

Democratic State Senator Joel Ford who is running against Roberts voted for the compromise saying it gives everyone a chance to hit the restart button and begin to reverse the economic fallout from HB2.

Another Democrat, Mayor Pro Tem Vy Lyles who is also running against Roberts said she too favored the repeal measure.

Roberts says her concern is the people affected by the compromise.

“I think it is not a full repeal and I think it continues to have our LGBT community be second-class citizens,” she said.