CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There is a renewed call to ban bump-stocks, the device police say was used by the Las Vegas shooter to turn his semi-automatic rifles into almost fully automatic weapons.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has joined a growing number of lawmakers who want to examine the tool. While some local lawmakers appear willing to have a discussion on guns, Sen. Thom Tillis called it, “a typical political tactic.”

“We should be talking about the facts around this event and we can have that discussion at another time,” said Tillis.

Tillis’ office did not respond to an email from NBC Charlotte asking specifically if Tillis would support a ban on bump-stocks.

Sen. Richard Burr has also not commented on his position on bump-stocks.

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Investigators claimed the Las Vegas shooter used bump-stocks to make semi-automatic rifles, including a number of AR-15s, fire as nearly fully automatic rifles.

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said he did believe a hearing should be held on bump-stocks.

“I’m not an expert on bump-stocks, but all things that make America safer and don’t infringe on the Second Amendment, count me in,” Graham said.

Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger seemed to partially agree, saying in a statement: “Congress should examine any loopholes or vulnerabilities in current law, but that can only be successful once we know all the facts.”

Pittenger went on to call for a thorough review, “not knee-jerk responses.”