CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Rumored to be in the running for the job of Secretary of State, South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley met with President-elect Donald Trump Thursday.

Haley met with tPresident-Elect at Trump Tower in New York.

After the meeting, her Deputy Chief of Staff, Rob Godfrey, put out a statement saying Haley and Trump “had a good discussion, and she is very encouraged about the coming administration and the new direction it will bring to Washington”.

Godfrey made no mention of what position, if any, Trump spoke to Haley about.

During the South Carolina primary, Haley backed Marco Rubio and spoke out against Trump, targeting his comments on Muslims and his immigration policy proposals.

But when Trump became the GOP nominee, her tone changed.

Winthrop Political Science Professor Dr. Scott Huffmon said of Haley, “She came out and spoke in favor of him and said she was going to support him and thought all Republicans should support him.”

Regardless of their differences, Dr. Huffmon said Trump would be helping himself by putting Haley in a prominent post in a Trump Administration.

“He has been accused of misogyny, accused of racism, and so getting a minority woman in his administration could actually be a good move,” he said.

The Trump Transition Team had no comment on the meeting with Haley.

Wednesday, Former Florida congressman and MSNBC reporter Joe Scarborough says Governor Haley is being considered for Secretary of State, along with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

According to Scarborough, Trump and his transition team have spent several days reaching out to former rivals to fill several top positions.

During the campaign, Haley publicly said she wasn't a big fan of either candidate but did vote for Trump based on his stance of different policies.

She noted the importance of potential Supreme Court justice selections and the trouble facing the country with Obamacare.

Rivals they are, indeed; back in March, Trump tweeted Haley was an embarrassment to the people of South Carolina-- and she replied in the most Southern way possible.