America has spoken, and our next president is Donald Trump. In what many are calling the biggest upset of all time, the former reality TV star defeated Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

The so-called political experts, who predicted Clinton would run away with the victory, got this one wrong. Many believe the reason was a silent coalition of Trump supporters that kept their vote quiet.

Even after the election, many Trump supporters prefer to keep their choice for president to themselves, not sharing the fact Trump got their vote.

“I didn’t want to engage in it. There is no winner,” said one supporter.

Many Trump voters feel there is a social backlash against their candidate, a tidal wave of negative views they don’t want to get swept up in.

“There is a sense and a belief that if you support Trump that you are a racist and a bigot,” said one supporter.

12 News spoke to three Trump supporters who throughout this campaign kept their beliefs to themselves. Even after the election, only one felt comfortable acknowledging he supported Trump.

“I don’t support how he treats women, but I support him because he is a businessman and not a politician,” said Chris Smith.

Trump supporters say they are being bullied and shamed online and in public by Clinton backers calling anyone who voted for Trump a misogynist, homophobe or bigot.

“I’d invite anyone over to my Thanksgiving and see who sits around my table. Our family is full of different nationalities. Our family is full of gays,” said one supporter.

When asked if Trump should take some responsibility for how these supporters feel about not wanting to openly express their beliefs, the person said, “No, I don’t think so.”

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