CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Russian Hackers had no luck in Mecklenburg County.

If they tried, there is no evidence that Russian hackers who were trying to disrupt the U.S. presidential election had any luck in Mecklenburg County or in all of North Carolina.

However, the revelations about the hacking effort have prompted new and tighter security at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

Director Michael Dickerson says of the hacking, “I surely wouldn’t have thought about this two years ago.”

But it became a reality when US intelligence officials said a Florida company VR Systems had been a target of the hackers.

The company supplies software to North Carolina and half-dozen other states that used to manage voter rolls.

Intelligence officials believe VR Systems was attacked by hackers who used information gained there to try to hack into a number of local elections offices.

Dickerson said an examination was conducted in the Charlotte office and elections offices across the state.

“We came out with flying colors and didn’t have to worry,” said Dickerson who added there was no indication of any attempt to hack the Mecklenburg County office.

“Not by what we could find through our county search,” he said.

With officials warning that Russian tampering would not stop, Dickerson said precautions are being taken.

“It makes you put more security in place," he said. "More double-checks."