CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The latest Elon University poll released a week prior to Election Day shows an incredibly close race between both the presidential and gubernatorial candidates in North Carolina.

A win over the battleground state for either presidential candidate would essentially pave the road to the White House, while the governor's race will be historic as a win on either side would sustain or demolish North Carolina's Republican trifecta. A trifecta occurs when the state house, state senate and office of the governor are controlled by one political party, which is currently the Republican Party.

The battleground state feels more prominent than ever as political leaders flock to North Carolina in a last attempt to claim undecided voters.

The Elon Poll was conducted for North Carolina last Thursday through Sunday and ranks Clinton one point ahead of Trump, receiving 42 percent of the vote to Trump's 41 percent.

Politico reported the Elon Poll tied at 44 percent between Clinton and Trump. Politico included "likely voters leaning toward one of the candidates."

According to the poll, Clinton is the preferred candidate amongst nonwhite voters. When the poll asked African American voters who they would choose, 100 percent indicated they would or have voted for the democratic candidate. Trump had a four-point lead amongst voters between the ages of 41 to 65 with 52 percent to Clinton's 48 percent.

The Elon poll concluded Thursday, the following day FBI Director James Comey re-opened the agency's investigation into Clinton's private email server (specifically from staffer Huma Abedin's laptop). Therefore, the latest Elon poll does not convey whether or not this new revelation swings North Carolina voters' candidate preference.

While the poll's percentages for North Carolina's presidential preference seemed tight, the governor's race is in a dead heat.

The Elon poll shows Attorney General and Democratic challenger Roy Cooper receiving 44.4 percent of the vote and Governor Pat McCrory with 44.3 percent, well within the margin of error. With Politico adding in undecided voters, the gubernatorial race remains tied with 46 percent.

"Both McCrory and Cooper have strong support within their party," the Elon University says. "91 percent of Republicans are backing McCrory over Cooper while 89 percent of Democrats favor Cooper over McCrory."

The Elon University Poll obtains random samples of the North Carolina registered voter list from Survey Sample International. SSI provides up-to-date phone numbers for voters and Elon calls each working number up to three times before removing it from the sample.

The poll surveyed 710 North Carolina voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.