ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Protesters gathered in Rock Hill at York Tech on Friday and plan to gather on Saturday as they protest the Sons of Confederate Veterans convention.

About 50 people marched across the parking lots with signs in hand, rallying for unity and support of each other in opposition of the Confederate flag. Friday and Saturday at York Tech, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are hosting their annual convention.

They told NBC Charlotte they won't be flying any Confederate flags outside the facility, they'll only have them on display indoors. They say to them, it's about honoring their families and being a part of a historical society and they don't believe there's any reason to protest this event. Still, the NAACP feels the group is being insensitive to the racism they say the flag represents to many.

"Their motto has been when one goes down, more come up," said Rock Hill NAACP President Dorene Butler. "So it's the underlying message that we are actually combating."

"We have reached out to them more than once," said Leyland Summers with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "I have, my Heritage Operations Chairman has, we've reached out to them more than once and we get no response. But yeah we're willing to meet with them anytime they want to."

The convention continues Saturday at 9 a.m. and the group of protesters plan to be out once again.