Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory faced off Tuesday night against challengers Attorney General Roy Cooper and Libertarian Lon Cecil in the final Gubernatorial debate.

The two front-runners, McCrory and Cooper sparred over issues affecting the Tarheel state.

The debate hit on familiar topics like HB2, flood recovery and the state's economics.

Cooper responded to McCrory saying he believes HB2 should be upheld and that there should be protection at federal levels saying, "this is all he can talk about."

"He goes all over national TV and talks about this, this is why North Carolina is having a problem with its reputation."

The debate got especially heated over the state's crime lab, one of the central issues during this election.

"We still have resource issues with the crime lab and we need to make sure there are more scientists and more equipment and we still got a lot of work to do," Cooper said. He said that his elimination of the crime's backlog created the ability fo progress to be made. Coopers said the crime lab helps convict thousands of people and exonerate others.

"The crime lab isn't fixed, you ought to call your own hotline for fraud and turn yourself in," McCrory fired back.

But it was the issue of coal ash that had been dismissed during previous debates got time in the spotlight.

Cooper said that some the state's chief scientists resigned saying she would not be part of an administration that "deliberately misleads the public," while McCrory blamed Cooper for not taking action during a time when he received 'tens of thousands of dollars' from major energy companies.

Washington Post's latest poll has Democratic candidate Cooper up by 13 points. Their calculations show Cooper leading at 55 percent and McCrory at 42 percent.