CONCORD, N.C. -- Billy Oliver, his wife and friend are spending their vacation by touring the country and keeping up with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On Thursday, they found themselves snuggled up outside the front door of the Cabarrus County Convention Center hours ahead of Trump's rally in Concord.

"He's a good man," said Oliver as he sat in a foldable picnic chair, covered in a large blanket. "He has the leadership and the drive to make America great again."

Oliver lives in Beaumont, Texas and planned a trip to tour the country ending up in New York at Trump Tower on November 8.

"We want to be there when he's elected president. We want to eat one of those best taco bowls in the world at his (Trump) towers," Oliver said.

This is the type of enthusiasm that the Trump campaign is counting on to take the White House next week. With polls tightening in the Tar Heel State, voters like Oliver are vital.

"This is the time to change this country for the better and Trump is the man to do that."