CHARLOTTE, NC -- Tempers flared in the Charlotte Government Center on Tuesday night after county commissioners reportedly invited ICE agents to keep the peace at their meeting.

County Commission Vice Chairman Jim Puckett allegedly invited the immigration agents to keep an eye on things in case protesters showed up, like they did at last Monday’s city council meeting.

At that meeting, more than 200 protesters repeatedly chanted “no more ICE,” until the council was forced to adjourn.

Not a single protester showed up to Tuesday’s commissioner's meeting, but several people did take the stand to express their anger at the thought that ICE would be invited.

“I'm so upset and so pissed off that you would suggest bringing ICE in here,” citizen Whitney Smith said, addressing the board.

“I just really hope you guys are taking a look at yourselves and evaluating whether you deserve to be in this position.”

Commissioner Puckett responded that he only wanted to avoid “mob rule.”

“I am very proud of the way you talk about it and if that is the way all communication happens then we will get along,” he said.

“When you shut down people, when you overwhelm people, that is the problem that brings out resistance.”

Commissioner Trevor Fuller adding that they never seriously considered inviting immigration.

“The notion that we would have ICE officers in our chambers is repugnant to me,” he said.