MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Donald Trump Jr. made a stop in Mooresville Thursday to speak to the people of North Carolina about what his father's campaign, or rather, movement, means to them.

Trump Jr. focused on bringing jobs to America, new tax codes and lowering the national debt. A good size crowd gathered to listen.

"The grassroots guys like us stand behind him because we're tired of what we've been dealt, the last twenty years," said one Trump supporter.

Donald Jr. is calling his father's run for the White House a movement instead of a campaign, saying it's something he hasn't seen in his lifetime.

"We're Americans. We love what this country stands for. We'll say the things that need to be said," Trump Jr. said.

"We'll say where we're going wrong. We'll have those conversations. We'll actually have the guts to have those conversations, rather than being the typical politician where, you know, we'll bury our head in the sand and pretend that a problem isn't a real problem because PC culture tells us to do these things. That's what's so unique about this election. that's what's so unique about my father."

His supporters forgiving of controversial statements Trump has said.

"He's not a smooth talking politician," one woman said. "He's a real person. I believe that. I believe that he's honest. I believe that he says what he is and I can trust that."

Donald Jr. will spend the entire day in North Carolina. From Mooresville he departs to Asheville and then to Winston-Salem for another stop on the campaign trail.