Want to make your Christmas tree great again?

President-elect Donald Trump has released a "Make America Great Again" red cap tree ornament for the holiday season.

The ornament is modeled after a signature red baseball cap that Trump wore while on the campaign trail.

The Christmas decoration is for sale on his Trump store website for $149.

It has been so popular that Amazon labeled it as 'sold out' on Thursday. On Friday, it was available on Amazon for the hefty price of $226.36. According to the Trump store, the ornament is made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold.

While the Christmas tree decoration has clearly found favor with some shoppers, an assortment of Amazon reviews seem to be stealing the ornament's thunder.

Post-election feelings have come across in reviews from obvious non-Trump supporters with thousands of people "finding them helpful."

Here are some of the Amazon reviews for Trump's "Make America Great Again" collectible ornament: