(WWBT) A group of quintuplets born have finally made their debut in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Ava, Clara, Camille, Luke and Isabelle Baudinet were born this past December in Arizona.

Mom Margaret had several miscarriages, so when the couple learned she was pregnant, they moved to Phoenix to be closer to a doctor who specialized in multiple births.

Initially, the Baudinet's thought they were having four babies.

"They told us no there's actually five in there," said dad Michael Baudinet. "At that point, I was already too shocked, so I thought 'what's one more?'"

The fivesome was born December 4. Now Michael and Margaret, who both work full time, are adjusting to life back home. Margaret says her management skills have come in handy with two nannies and ten volunteers who rotate during the week.

"It's pretty much like a small business. I create a calendar every week, I make a plan for every 30-minute interval of who is taking care of the babies," said Margaret.

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