Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller was swept up in controversy Tuesday, identified on two websites as the man behind a lawsuit accusing a California woman of trying to get him to pay her $2.5 million to stop the release of a video recording of the two having sex.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles on Nov. 8, identified the plaintiff only as DOE, “one of the most talented people at his craft in the United States and the world,” someone who “has received the highest honors, awards and accolades available in his profession,” and someone who “is widely recognized as the world’s best at his job.”

The websites and identified Miller as DOE, citing unidentified sources.

Miller, the MVP in Denver’s Super Bowl 50 win, was not made available to the media Tuesday, and team spokesman Patrick Smyth said the Broncos have no comment on the reports.

Miller’s agent did not respond to a request for comment.

The suit was filed by an attorney named Andrew F. Kim. In addition to his own practice, Kim is general counsel of Vanguard Sports Group, according to the company’s website. Vanguard Sports Group represents Miller.

Kim did not return a message left at his office Tuesday by 9NEWS.

The suit alleges that DOE and the woman were in Cancun together in June when they engaged in consensual sex “while they were alone indoors.” The woman allegedly recorded the encounter on her phone, and she assured DOE she would keep the footage private.

Later, DOE asked the woman if she still had the recording, she said that she did. He told her that he did not want anyone to see it and asked her again to erase it.

“Gotcha,” she answered, according to the suit.

Later, however, the woman threatened to release the recording if DOE didn’t pay her $2.5 million, the suit alleged.

The suit alleges that the woman said she wanted to be the “next Kim Kardashian.”

Attorneys for DOE alleged in the suit that the release of the recording without his consent would violate numerous laws.

A judge signed an order prohibiting the woman from duplicating or releasing the recording and to appear at a hearing Dec. 6.

Miller signed a six-year, $114.5 million contract with the Broncos in the off-season.