Look up -- the moon is getting closer to earth!

In fact, it will be getting even closer to us this weekend. This weekend is this year's "supermoon."

It will be about 14 percent larger than the smallest full moon but also 30 percent brighter than the smallest full moon. So you will see this bright beautiful show in the sky," said NASA Scientiest Dr. Noah Petro.

The moon follows an elliptical orbit around the Earth. A supermoon occurs when the moon is full and when its orbit is closest to earth. This year's supermoon on Sunday night is exciting because at perigee, when the moon is at it's closest point to Earth, the moon will be full! This close encounter hasn't happened since 1948, the same time when gas was 16 cents per gallon.

In addition to the moon, the Taurid Meteor Shower is this weekend, but don't expect much of a show with the moon shining so bright.

One last thing to look for when you are gazing -- two planets which are visible after sunset this time of year. Look for Venus low on the horizon in the southwest sky, and then Mars in the southern sky. Happy viewing!