CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A major bust of stolen guns, drugs, and cash is tied to a retail store.

Last week, thieves stole guns from the Cabela’s in Fort Mill, after breaking into the store.

Now, NBC Charlotte has learned two repeat offenders have been arrested in Charlotte for possessing stolen guns from the store. It’s the latest in a series of stores targeted by gun thieves.

According to the police report, officers seized 32 items, including seven stolen guns. Four people were originally detained and two of them were arrested without incident.

Just a day after the Cabela’s in Fort Mill became the bullseye for thieves, two men were targeted by police.

Officers arrested 24-year-old Charles President and 21-year-old Markies Crew at an apartment on Sharonview Road.

Circle, police seized stolen guns worth thousands of dollars from the store in Fort Mill.

“I think it’s good they got them recovered, as a law-abiding gun owner myself, I don’t really like seeing people cut corners,” Daniel Smith, a Cabela’s customer.

It’s just the latest store targeted by gun thieves. Earlier this year, suspects stole more than $12,000 worth of assault-style rifles from Gander Mountain. In Gaston County, a pawn shop was recently broken into with 13 firearms stolen.

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, more than 1,200 guns were stolen in 2015, which was the largest number in five years.

Both Charles President and Markies Crew are repeat offenders. They’ve been arrested multiple times for crimes such as armed robbery and larceny.

Smith hopes the two men get justice.

“For a gun crime, prosecuted to the full extent of the law when it comes to a gun crime,” says Smith.

Police continue to investigate the case.