CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Charlotte Department of Transportation released its annual traffic safety report Thursday, including its list of the most dangerous intersections in the Queen City.

According to CDOT, collisions were up nine percent in 2016, with a total of 30,125 crashes on Charlotte roads last year. Of those accidents, one in five involved distracted driving and over half of the people killed in crashes were not wearing a seatbelt.

CDOT uses this report to identify locations that may benefit from infrastructure or operational improvements. With this information CDOT will:

  • Take a comprehensive approach to address safety, looking at education, engineering, and enforcement strategies. No one approach is appropriate in addressing crashes.
  • Review all fatal crashes with CMPD.
  • Observe crash trends over many years to determine potential improvements using engineering best practices.
  • Use the information gathered as one of many tools to make priority decisions about capital spending projects.

2016 Crashes By The Numbers

53 crashes resulted in 55 fatalities on non-interstate roads.

123 people suffered serious injuries in crashes on non-interstate streets.

40 percent of fatal crashes involve speeding or driving too fast for the road conditions.

95 percent of crashes involving a pedestrian resulted in an injury or death.

22,307,600 miles were traveled by Charlotte’s 842,051 people in 2016.

Did You Know?

March was the month with the most accidents last year.

Friday had more crashes than any other day of the week in 2016.

Over 2,500 crashes happened in the 5 p.m. hour, the most of any time of day.

69 percent of crashes (20,798) happened during daylight.

86 percent of crashes (25,880) happened under dry road conditions. Only 12 percent were on wet roads.

Distracted driving was the most common cause of crashes with 28.1 percent of the total number.

High Accident Intersections (total number of crashes in 2016)

Albemarle Road and East WT Harris Boulevard -- 72

JW Clay Boulevard and McCullough Drive at West WT Harris Boulevard -- 64

East WT Harris Boulevard and North Tryon Street -- 61

Eastway Drive and The Plaza -- 60

East Independence Boulevard and North Sharon Amity Road -- 60

Click here to read the complete report from Charlotte DOT

Charlotte Dept. of Transportation Report for 2016 by Hank Lee on Scribd